Removing Erroneous USERS From Kayako User List
Posted by Jason McGee, Last modified by Jason McGee on 05 September 2018 10:42 AM
Kayako as part of its features adds users to the user database whenever an email is sent to the or email addresses. This feature is helpful to add potential new customers to Kayako automatically for us. This feature also adds their emails into tickets for later review. Kayako, however, can not tell if an email is spam or legitimate the majority of the time, leading to spam accounts to be added to Kayako. Their is also the case that we will stop working with a specific customer leading to an abundance of accounts that we have not added tickets for years. These users combined are called Erroneous USERS. These users are unnecessary to the development of vigilant and because of that, they need to be deleted so it is easier to access and view users that are still relevant.

Over a few months of work I and a few others where able to delete thousands of erroneous users from the user list. The is still a problem however with erroneous users being added in the future because of the abundance of spam and advertising emails in the internet. Vigilant also does not work with many customers forever so more and more forgot users will fill up the list. Do to this future issue I believe the best way to keep this issue from getting as sever as it had a few months ago, we must have interns or workers go into the database and scan for any erroneous users so they can delete them. This process will only happen one a month and would be good work to give to interns.

This tutorial is here to train the new interns the steps and rules that will be required to delete erroneous users. The first part of this training will be showing the few rules that describes what an erroneous user is and what to delete. Before we start the training "I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY IMPORTANT USERS YOU ACCIDENTALLY DELETE". This tutorial will give you a good idea on what to delete but if you delete an important users it could result in a bunch of issues. So IF YOU ARE UNSURE ABOUT A USER IF YOU SHOULD DELETE OR NOT DON'T DELETE THEM Ask for assistance and confirmation before and if no one reply's or is in the office skip the user.

Common rules to follow when deleting an erroneous user:

  1. They don't have any billings
  2. They don't have any tickets
  3. If they have tickets under their amount they must be 2017 or older(Tickets are not deleted when removing users but that's not a 100% certainty)
  4. They are not from Vigilant or their current customers: Duckbytes, FortOrd, BurBank, ext.
  5. They have Chinese characters like 聽. (99% of all emails from china is spam and should be deleted don't open the email and click on any links)
  6. They are from any other foreign nation that Vigilant wont do business with.
  7. The tickets are Not IT related like "top 10 anti heart attack foods" or "Half off hotel stays"(I know they may seem tempting but they are useless to the development of Vigilant).
  8. They are obviously trying to advertise to Vigilant with no intentions to become a customer.
  9. They are obvious spam asking to invest into stock or are asking for a product we do not sell.
  10. All their tickets are closed
  11. Email address is majority numbers which means the email was auto generated
  12. If the email address is from mail-chimp(Email auto gen website)
  13. If their are multiple users for the same or similar address or is from the same company.
  14. If the ticket makes the majority of the criteria on this list.

If you come up with any more rules to delete erroneous users please list it in this article.

Scanning through the knowledge base should be as followed. Two individuals start on either a or z alphabetically by clicking the user name or ticket name filters. click on the filter again to start from z. This should be completed every month from the 30 or 31 depending on the last day of the month.

Steps to deleting a erroneous user:

First open up Kayako and click on the users tab on the top bar then under it more tabs will show. Then click on manage users.

Second you are going to click on a users email(outlined in red) You can also click the tabs above the users to sort them(outlined in blue).

Third, click on the users "tickets" tab(outlined in red) and follow the above rules to see if the user should be deleted or not. If they fit the criteria to be deleted go back the the general tab(outlined in green) then click the delete tab(outlined in blue).

Congrats you now know how to find erroneous users. If any additional questions are needed feel free to ask any of the other jr techs for help.

If you come up with any additional future steps please feel free to update this article.
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